Tuesday, May 30, 2017


To probe the world of the Spirit there will necessarily be a strong need to disband our casual obsession with making matters fit into our understanding.  God is beyond the framework of human reason even when we are offering our sharpest mind-probing skill-sets.

Indeed, we are to know our Bibles.  We are not to do so simply to accumulate facts; but rather to develop a very intrinsic relationship with the Son of God via the Holy Spirit.  Not so oddly--yet, so very strangely for sure--such a mission could frustrate the tar out of a few of us who tote and quote our Bibles.  We students will always have much learning and growing to do when it comes to walking with Father.

Truth is not concrete (physically) as in a mathematical equation or a favorite casserole recipe or...or even concrete.  Truth is a grand shaker of man's mind moving us from carnal acquisition of facts to spiritual confidences of His grandest reality.  I'm convinced that this will always be the mission of the Word of God; to undo one's stubborn conclusions in order to reveal the utmost potential of His involvement among us.  This.  Isn't.  Easy.

If not careful, we will tend to look at the most remarkable (even absurd at times) revelations of God and His people only to conclude that, This was good for back then, but we've got the Bible now, as if we regard the wonder of the Word to be more Walt Disney-ish than Holy Spirit filled.  Churches have replaced Bible wonder with narrow scriptural argumentation.  Simultaneously, we have replaced sacrifice (in zones, understand) with entertainment.  God did not give us the Cross and then ask us to hit like.

Whether one man, Naaman, was instructed to dip seven times in the Jordan to cleanse his leprosy or we are called to be baptized to rid us of our sins, there is nothing remotely practical about this.  Common-sense just went out the window when the Dove of God landed.  And...religious man has fought it ever since.

In our efforts to believe, may we have the bravery to enter into the wild zones of the spirituals where it is rather easy to be intimidated.  The battle to believe is intense.  Never give up learning of Jesus.

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