Friday, March 31, 2017


No one is exempt from distress; big, large, huge, towering monstrosities of annoyances that bug the proverbial tar right out of us!  This isn't occasional.  Rather, it is lifestyle.  Therefore, we will want to give attention to what eats us.

If vision and hope and pursuit and Holy Spirit fruit eat away at your thinking curve, how awesome!  On the other hand, if worry and irritation and being in control is what you have for breakfast, you can very well anticipate indigestion of the spirit is soon to arrive.  What eats us determines who we are.

God ushers the hope for us in full power.  It isn't hard to find.  Philippians 4:4-8 clears the way for what He wants for us; the good and the honorable and the right and the praiseworthy are to eat at our hearts.  Too, Father wants focus upon the true to eat at us.

Shall you allow trouble to eat up your day?  Or, would you rather attention toward everything going right to eat up your time?  If it's the latter, it will only be because you hold the remote.  Let the good stuff eat at your heart.  You'll be happier and more blessed for it.

What eats at you is your decision and your decision only.  Good luck with what eats you!

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