Thursday, March 30, 2017


I will never make it to First Grade.  Don't be offended; but, wonderfully so, never will you.  The reason is that God's system is light-years more intense in True Knowledge than our best of the best brains can figure.

Think not?  Have you noticed that Research Labs are going out of style because there is nothing new to be found?  I don't think so!!!  And what shall we anticipate as to the future of this multi-thousand year orb called earth?  More info to come?  Or, info basically has been exhausted?

You know the answer.  So why do we press hard to live so stuck?  Why is it that we age with a rigidity, even in the church, when the very Bible we tout insists that we are to be new day by day?

Why?  Well, it's like so much of everything else in our lives.  We take control.  And when we take control, limits are imposed and imagination restricted only for the purpose that we can remain in control.

Of all of the many things we suffer, due to the afore-mentioned, we suffer loss!

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