Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Due to the direction of this post I feel first that I must make an introductory comment.  I love being in the church.  I remain fascinated by the surprise and wonder of it all.  Who would have guessed that it could be so meaningful?  Plus, innumerable amounts of people are finding God...via the church landscape.  Today's post, however, is to send a signal to the unchurched who are frustrated with people who are in the church...like me.

That congregations are known to be planted throughout every community and, yet, so many can't find God through us is both concerning and reality.  Due to this troublesome sore spot, I (we) want to do what we can to make necessary adjustments that seekers may be drawn into the True and New life God has intended for each.

The reality is that the faithscape has always been a two-way street which finds reaction to be both positive and negative.  Followers of God can provide ample hope.  Simultaneously, other believers can kill a person's perspective of who God really is.  No wonder society is left guessing.

Let this be no surprise.  Why do you think it was the religionists who led the way to kill the Son of God?  He went against the grain of the embedded orthodox establishment.  This is a fascinating truth about following God; it will often not agree with the direction of the well-versed herd.  Believing in and listening for God is a challenge....and society would rather find the easy way out.  The easy way, ironically, can be in opposition; but with identical results.  (1) We can be activists and yet not know God while just being busy keeping up with boring and deadening church regulations.  Or, (2) we can reject, along with our cronies, the God-system altogether without bothering to see what might be rich blessings available.

Both are killers.  Within both realms...people who are wondering...can't find God.  One is domineering or burnt out while the other is distracted by poor and moody witnesses.  Yet all through the ages, wonderful men and women are wondering within their hearts, Could it be possible that this God-thing is legit?

I find that many want to know the answer.  I wanted to know the same thing.  Never did I intend to be a part of church; but I ran into God along the way and found that what I had come to believe about church and church people was fundamentally true...with a hitch...a serious and wonderful hitch.  I found life!  I would never have guessed one would find life in the church setting.  Yet at its purest, that's exactly what it is!

The difference maker is found in The Difference Maker.  Jesus and not rules.  Relationship and not religious activism.  Faith and not formality.  And everywhere we turn in society, there is strong reach for paths that give life.

I believe that every person, at some point(s) in life, have a serious hunger to know whether God is real; and if they would/could/should be a part.  I don't have all of the answers; but I do have some valuable experience.  If ever you have questions, and you wonder if I could be of help, email me at trush@memorialdrive.org.  Some along my path helped me years ago.  I want to do the same for others as you would need.

Together...we just keep learning about the True God of all Creation.

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