Wednesday, December 14, 2016


There is much discussion, even accusation, that social frustrations are due to generational gappage.  Strange, isn't it, how the conversation goes?  I mean the rub is consistent in that the problem lies within one of two generations; (1) the one older than me, or (2) the one younger than me.  Seldom is it my own.

Yet, another element must be entered into the mix due to that last sentence.  When it is my own, rarely do I mean to include me.  Self has a way of being accepted as well as excepted.  Constantly!

Maybe the gap as we tend to perceive it isn't quite the glaring dimension assumed? What if we are all alike; but we simply have selfish styles and preferences which are permitted from "my" preferential stance and rejected from "theirs"?

My point is that I believe we could give one another a break in the identical way we give our own generation a break.  We are all alike.  II Corinthians 10:12 says that when we compare one generation to another in criticism that we are without understanding. That means they, we, and....(reluctantly) me.

We are all alike in that we want what we want.  All of us sin; no exception.  All judge others; no exception (oops...I just passed judgment).  We are all in over our heads with pressures, disappointments, and enormous demands.  The more we seek answers to life it seems that the amount of questions multiply.  This goes on in all generations.

We tend to look at the older and question why they can't loosen up.  To take a gander at the younger causes us to wonder why they can't get a tighter grip.  What we forget is that each of us has an older generation looking at us wondering why we won't tighten up and a younger ones wonder why we can't loosen up.

You are correct.  I am talking in circles...because that's what happens if we fall for living by comparison.  When 20 we see the holes in the thinking of the 40s and the 60s.  Oddly, when we reach our 40s, we believe we see through the perfect lens; but the 20s and 60s are still wandering in their wildernesses full of obvious blind spots.

We are all alike.  The gap isn't as generational was we thought.  Therefore, may the Spirit fruit of love and joy and patience continue to have its way with we are all so very much alike.

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