Saturday, December 31, 2016


A thing I really enjoy about God is His practicality.  Oh make no mistake, He has His ideas.  Of course, we may count on them being divine...and true...and most effective. The disobedient break in the Garden, as a result, has placed everyones' path in a snare of challenge and stress.  It ain't easy being a person, huh?

Now some people have gobs of money equal to their self-confidence and, as a result, find no need for what I'm about to say.  That's okay.  But I promise you that your day, too, is coming because we are all very broken and our sheer muscle combined with ingenuity will fade.

The Spirit of God is to be one's secret code in order that we may break the lock-down of discouragement, even depression, that may come upon us.  Exterior religion of going to church and sitting in a pew may help a bit.  Yet, it is the interior of us that God targets; that He has always targeted.  Our struggles, however, dominate when we insist upon approaching life from the visible rather than the invisible.  What can I visibly purchase or who can I visibly meet tends to override the invisibles of attitude and thought.

The invisible interior of each person holds the code for survival as well as success.  Those living in plush mansions who dwell on the negative are not happy campers.  Those of pretty facial features who harp on everything in life going wrong are quite miserable when these should be grateful.  My point is that every level and caliber and race of a people face identical stresses which tend to shut one down.

I lived for years in this world.  Trying to look good on the outside; my interior person was a train wreck in the making.  This led to constant comparing myself to others and most of the time I fell even more behind.  It is quite a weird feeling to believe that regardless of how hard I would try, I was not good enough for whatever task was at hand.  In standing before the church or a large workshop crowd, I just wanted to preach without anybody looking at me.

So what can we do?  I will continue to tell you that Philippians 4:4-9 is the ice-breaker that works.  Let your minds dwell on everything going right.  Dwell is quite key here.  Every day one faces matters that are both negative while others are positive.  Practice dwelling on the good things.  This isn't living in denial of the bad.  But it does deny the bad permission to run up and down the halls of my mind screaming fear and insecurity.

You....just heard some good stuff right there, my friend.  It.  works.  Practice dwelling on thinking about all of the many good things in your life...and peace will become dominant.  Yay us!

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