Tuesday, December 27, 2016


We seem addicted to living by comparison.  Judging ourselves (positively or negatively) by the existence/performance of another person seems to be our perpetual mistake.  This is significant, gigantic error.  The reason is that, when this goes on, our assessment is always vulnerable for we are wrong.  It's that simple.  Comparing ourselves to another is consistently without understanding (II Corinthians 10:12).

Indeed, each is gifted in unique areas and ways.  True, people are different.  This is what makes us community; the body of Christ.  Yet, we are all the same and this, too, is what makes us the church.  Each person lacks...a great deal.  Each person has deep zones of insecurity.  It matters not whether one is famously beautiful, ruggedly rich, or incredibly talented, every person is the same; incomplete without Jesus at the helm.

All gifted people come with glaring holes in personality or skill or income or education. This is why criticism can cease any moment we determine to do so.  No one is better than another; no...not...one.

Everybody is the same...and Jesus knew it.

He could see through the facade of the self-righteous front of the Pharisees as well as those who on the streets who had been improperly neglected by the religious leaders. And society tends to continue this blatant silent insult toward one another; always living by comparison.  We come out self-crowning on one hand and then self-condemning on the other...always noting the practice of someone around us.

Jesus was Jesus because he knew all were of one fundamental and true doctrine; that of being hollow on the inside.  The Spirit fills.  And why, may I ask?  Because when we first come to God we are running on empty.  We can be glad that he chooses not to discard us; but to keep us.  He intends to make powerful the weak, effective the frail, and impacting the shy.

We can relax our criticism of others...and of ourselves.  We are not much when left to ourselves.  With Jesus, we become a new kind of generation; alive everywhere we turn.

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