Thursday, November 03, 2016


Next January I am headed to my 34th year of playing baseball for a week at the St. Louis Cardinals Legends Camp at Roger Dean Stadium and Spring Training baseball complex in Jupiter, Florida.  While the camps began as an only Cardinals gathering at the then Spring Training facility in St. Petersburg, Florida, we later moved to Mesa Arizona where we encountered a week-long camp of three teams of Cardinals and three teams of Chicago Cubs.

That was a fun move.  It surely increased the competitional mindset.  There was no doubt that the Cards/Cubs rivalry, indeed, did exist.  Tension, all in fun (well...sorta), prevailed.

In these camps they do what they can to give us what they call a Big-League experience everywhere from playing a game against the former big-leaguers to suffering traumatic injury due to pulled muscles.  The most popular guys in camp are the trainers, three or four of them, who have us waiting in line for treatment after just one day's workouts and games.

An unusual thing happened to me that, thus far in the many camps, had not taken place...ever.  And it surely was one of those "experiences" they try to provide.  A catcher on one of the Cubs team got hurt.  I, being a third baseman and a catcher, was traded to the....Cubs late in the week.  This provided a moment that I had no idea existed.  These guys had lost the participation of their friend.  I was a Cardinal...and they didn't want me.  But....they had me!

What?!?!  Who could not like me?  I'm that happy, look sorta like Brad Pitt, and am friendly to everyone, Terry!  Nope.  Cold.  It was like they rolled their eyes in disgust.  These Cubbies were not going to throw out the welcome mat for me.  So I learned yet another lesson of how some of the big-leaguers feel at times.

I dunno.  Do you think that my wearing my Cardinal uniform while on their team might have perpetuated my being rejected?  Either way....CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CHICAGO CUBS ON YOUR WORLD SERIES AWE!!  I have many friends who are former Cubs players and I am ultra happy for your victory...really.  Great job!!

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