Wednesday, November 02, 2016


Give us this day our daily bread.

Daily is quite the important factor if we are serious about being believers in, of, and with God.  Life in reality is not a one-time decision that just about covers being of effective faith.  No.  It is rather a constant start-over once again.  Confessing our sins day by day, overcoming hardship day by day, reinforcing conviction and

To live in the Kingdom under Spirit order challenges the heart. This is why much strong language comes from the Bible regarding the call for endurance.  Why?  Because the flesh-nature is to eventually cave to disappointments and frustrations...and quit.

Bread is for sustenance.  Daily is that effective standard of how often we need food of the Spirit in order to make it through another twenty-four hour slot filled with both celebrations and exasperations.  We desperately need to remember Jesus' prayer example, "Give us this day our daily bread."  Oh, many can hide and develop a sense that there is no such need.  But for all who walk in God's army and are on the firing line, He insists that we have the energy to keep going forward.

I wish to cheer you on about your rugged days of conflict.  We are not in need of others to get a grip and, therefore, get off of our backs.  We are first need to pray for His provision to fill us for we cannot do life on our own strength.  God is the One who fills.  We are the vessels to receive His filling.  

Try to curb the inner drive of doing life on your own steam.  

Daily....bread.  Eat healthy.  

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