Monday, September 05, 2016


Labor Day!  Yay for Labor Day!

This day of recognition noted upon our calendars has always meant a lot to me.  Of all of the big holidays America possesses, this one right now is quite a key and major player.

You see, we've experienced eight months now of 2016 mixed with celebratorialistic moments.  Groundhog Day, Memorial Day, my birthday, Fourth of July; each of these, in my still-child-like mind, carry their own weight of recognition as well as importance. But still, these all point toward our one great big day...that one big day that all of us kids anticipate...the star that tops all holiday cakes....Christmas!

So while Labor Day owns, indeed, sizable attention, I find it to be the launching pad for the Big One.  Halloween?  Creeps us further into the zone.  Thanksgiving?  Working us closer to the Big Hurrah!  And then it becomes lost sleep time just imagining what Christmas will be like this year!

So Happy Labor Day!  Enjoy your rafting, your shopping, your cranking homemade ice cream!  The topping to the day is knowing that you-know-what is inching its way closer day by day, week by week.  Too, it also means you-know-who will be examining the chimneys of all of us boys and girls...and some old men!

What is so special about Labor Day?  Christmas is coming!  I've already begun my shopping...really.

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