Sunday, September 04, 2016


I am so crazy about church; its wonders, its beauty, its reach!  By the elaborate patience of Father, He lets me get to be a part of the most exhilarating system in all of planetary estimationalism.  In other words, He keeps His promise of functioning within us beyond our imagination...which is within us.

Too, I say to this fascinating cluster of believers, Please...come alive!  Discouraged hearts are counting on someone among them to look like we are alive!

Incredible, even devastating, slumber has crept upon the religious scene.  Habitualism has grown wild.  And while we hear the warnings of Jesus against blatant traditionalism; we, instead, become proud (even defensive) of ours.  Two things are happening with this avoidance to Jesus' call; (1) we are growing grayer, and (2) the world is growing darker.  How long will we perpetuate the church as if it is a one-hour booster shot for the week?

We are getting grayer while the world is growing darker.

Adjustment  and correction are needed; especially within myself.  Yet, there's the problem.  As we age we tend to be less flexible.  If the Holy Spirit is anything, He is flexible; John 3:8.  Checklist Church wasn't the skeleton in Acts 2 and it has never been the benchmark of God's assembly requirements for any age since.  We are most challenged to grow younger day by day...II Cor. 4:16.  Because of this wonder, the church is poised for incredible renewal.

A dark and deeply wounded world is looking for heartfelt hope.  We have their Savior (our Savior) to present in all of his glory.  We have the Savior's Story.  We have the brokenness of our personal and individual past which is our base in order speak volumes of possibility to the down-and-out.  We are renewed by His grace and so can they be.

Momentum is a deep desperation in the realm of Kingdom life these days.  Patterns and traditions create lethargy; not faithfulness.  I offer an idea.  What if we were to gain momentum in taking up our crosses and dying to what it is we prefer in church while deciding to pursue others to be in the church with us?  What if we were to authentically love God more than we love 10:30 to 11:45 on our Sunday routine?  What if we were to meet those we don't know...while at church...and possibly supply eye contact synchronized with a friendly voice that says something like: You really are special?

We have been assigned to go into all of the world.  Some go to India.  Others go to China.  Most of us would be effective missionaries if we would but walk into our classrooms with eyes for those around us.  Church is outreach.  Let's do it and be it at every corner we turn.  People need our happy hearts!

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