Tuesday, August 02, 2016


Would all of the people out there who are carefree...would you raise your hands?

Oh.  None?  What's up with that?

As wonderful and beautiful as life is, we are residents of a marred community awaiting some sort of eventual recovery.  Regardless of how many times we paint the barn, it will be necessary to paint it once again.  This present life of earthiness, if it is anything consistent, is temporary.  Jesus beat the grave to call us to build in the eternals.

Eternals?  Things that last...like people in the spiritual realm.  Other things that last like places and things and realms...and God.  We see life fade before our very eyes so what do we do?  Some tighten their grip with clinched fists as if this is all there is. Others begin to ponder whether there just might be a reality which exists on the other side of this fleshed-out one.

The question of, Why are you going through what your are going through? is one of heaven's strongest most useful calls.  We hurt to understand others who hurt.  To spend our time trying to escape our pain for comfort's sake is to misread the moment. To the fulfilling life, what goes on among us is never about ourselves.  It is always about how we might better understand others.

Why are you going through what you are going through?  I believe it is because others are going through similar matters and these need real people to be real help; not just someone who read about the topic distantly from a book.  We help foremost because we understand very much, indeed, their pain.

Compassion reaches when education may live only to take a test.  We are most compassionate where we have most experienced similar obstruction, interference, and disappointment.

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