Wednesday, August 03, 2016


As I approach this subject I want you to know that I know two things beforehand; (1) I don't know everything, and (2) what little I do know might be wrong.  With this in mind please allow me to speak in somewhat generalities for such could be the case that parts of this idea deserve attention.

You recall, don't you, that much of the Kingdom structure is backward to human wisdom.  That which is to live must first die.  In order to keep, one must learn to give. To be truly strong, one must be confident in weaknesses.  This church system is fundamentally anything but immediately graspable.

Absolutely there are facts of God which remain eternal in both truth and nature. Equally absolute are the clear warnings from the Word that man will choose to live circularly in the wilderness of trying to figure the direction to go.  Therefore, we will do well to remain attentive to the what else of God.

The costly concept of the church which plagues every new generation is to develop policy over Spirit calling.  Layers of habit and doctrine suffocate the church's relationship to the Trinity.  There may have been more time debating the Three than knowing Them.  The result is dead children who have no heart for God while they either avoid church or work diligently right in the center of it.

All leaders and followers must perpetually renew our drive to find His life and to find it Abundantly.  God will never be consumed by our knowledge of Him.  The reverse is what I've discovered.  The more I realize about Him the more I learn there is yet to be known.  In other words, the more I gain in understanding the behinder I get because He is just too much to be eternally discovered.

It seems that we churchers basically learn five to fifty good things about God and then hold on tight to these items declared as truth.  But in doing so we neglect (refuse to fathom) the nine hundred million pertinent wonders of God (and those numbers were just now under-exaggerated).

The costly concept of the church is that we somewhere along the way of church engagement we may have determined that we surely have learned some facts, these don't agree with religious neighbors, we obsess over being right, and as a result live very far from knowing God.  There has been strong movement all along to break this mistaken trek.  I haven't always been in on it. That's some of why I know a few of our mistaken patterns.

So what I like about this generation of Generations is the old and young alike are all in the same mix.  We want to know more about Jesus than about our sub-stances.  We desire to really worship from our assemblies rather than put in our Big Hour.  We want to see sacrifice mean something.  Basically, we want to live lives that count.  And....all of these things come our way when we move His way.

This isn't called Rocket Science.  It is

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Sharon Paxton said...

Amen! I so agree and am glad someone else spoke it so well!