Friday, August 26, 2016


The connecting a Person; not a rule-book.  We have the scriptures to know him...he said...John 5:39-40...but they weren't connecting because they had become infatuated with Bible study.

While the world has breath-taking aspects of wonder too enormous to describe, the daily pursuit for all has been reduced dramatically to getting by.  Such an observation isn't meant to be negative; but rather, to be accurate.  Take a walk in any direction and one will eventually come upon deep pain and agony of someone(s).  And then the sarcastic call of a few (well, maybe more than a few) is, Where is God in all of this?

The answer to that legitimate and important question is that God was, and is, and will be in the mix calling every soul to look in His direction.  His direction?  Why would one who is about to fade into insurmountable overwhelm have any regard for what God might think?  After all, if He is God, why hasn't he done something by now?

He has.  He does.  He will.

God's move toward creation was a brilliant tactic.  He entered as a newborn in order to experience our entry...and then our growth...and then our imagination...and then our obstacles...and then our defeats. God experientially walked through every phase from birth to death in order to understand both our hopes and our fears; our desires and our defeats.  God, through Jesus, was mentored by His own creation to learn first-hand just what it took and what was needed to do more than survive.  He found that restart was necessary and Jesus verified the Way.  He is the New Way.

The connecting factor is not our compassion for the hurting.  Neither is it the grasp of the Hebrew or the Greek language.  The connecting factor is not something we do or did.  It is totally what Father did.  He sent His own Son that whosoever would believe in Him....but oh how we've nearly over-quoted John 3:16 into a meaningless compilation of wordage when God intended it to be our most powerful Get Out of Jail Free card.  

Jesus is intentionally the connecting factor.  He did not begin on earth and pray his way upward for an audience with Father.  Nor was his an earth-beginning trek pressing in to the regions of Above.  No, rather he came from above to work his way into humanity; that very core where we live...and question...and doubt...and offend...and strive to improve.  It is Jesus who reached to us first.  He is the connecting factor...and the perfect one at that for he has walked in our sandals, encountered human rejections, and then beat the beating the grave.

Live connected!

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