Thursday, August 25, 2016


One of the great breakdowns of humanity is that of comparison; people to people.  And it is beyond strange just how flexible we use such a device.  We may compare ourselves to others to inflate our self-value while, simultaneously, we may deflate our worth when we stack our meager accomplishments against a few others.  We are so weird that way.

Here's a thing I know.  Every person on the planet struggles to believe in his or her exceptional significance.  From Prince to Pauper, generally speaking, very normal people live their days oblivious to their actual, factual wonder.  I know people at the top.  I know more who are at the bottom.  And I know even more who reside in the middle.  One matter is of striking resemblance.  Each level is the same regarding the insecurity as to whether they are making any real difference for society-at-large.

We strain to know exactly what it is that is valuable about us while being very touchy if anyone points toward one of our flaws.  Our self-defense is often only for the public arena for we privately are aware that we are so much worse than even what our insulters/accusers seem to note.

Every person....every quite significant.  The Accuser (Satan) has done and is doing his number on mankind.  We voluntarily have whittled ourselves down to nothing in our own minds.  We try not to look like we've had this talk with ourselves as we mingle among our friends.  We don't want them to know of our envy, our jealousy, our wicked thoughts, nor our relentless struggle for approval.  We portray to them in deceit at times that....we are doing pretty good.

Our job, therefore, is the job of being Jesus to the neglected, the unsure, even the unnoticed.  He had such a knack of picking up on the lonely soul in the crowd. Remember the woman who touched the hem of his garment?  He wasn't the least bit bugged by her for he wasn't touchy.  He was in touch with the inner struggles of one lonely lady.  Surrounded by a pressing crowd, her loneliness could not/would not have been detected by anyone other than a person with the heart of Jesus.

Bingo!  He knew something special just happened and that something was done by an exceptional individual.  This is how we are to see life; not with schedule, but with people (even strangers) integrated within our set course for the day.  People are who Jesus was about.  Religious leaders wanted rule clarification.  Jesus wanted people justification.

Our lives will transform when we open our hands and see the people.  They are everywhere!  And not so oddly....these strugglers include ourselves!  Is every person significant?  Every one.  The problem is that the vast majority don't know it.  Maybe we should tell them?  Oh, let's do.

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