Tuesday, August 09, 2016


Would you think it a strange, even contradictory, thought that professing believers...often struggle to believe?  Unbelief is a power deterrent to spirituality's foremost element; faith.  It is complete sabotagery in the making.  Believing has been ever so subtly replaced with behaving.  Hear.  Behave.  Repent. Confess.  Be baptized.  And keep behaving.  Believing has taken a back seat to rules of religious approval.

The art of believing is, I think, the most fascinating concept for humanity as it is certain of what can be when the can be isn't yet.  God has and will always function by taking nothing and making something from it; Romans 4:17 and Hebrews 11:1 would be fundamental kindergartenish verifiers.

The art of believing is to see the yes in moments precisely on the occasion where the masses see nothing but no.  Take any circumstance and listen to one or one hundred explain why it won't work.  Faith of, faith in, and faith from God says it will.  We are always blessed to remember that faith is God's idea for the deep need of mankind and that such will always have a tendency to appear that is won't work.  If faith were simply seeing the obvious, why would Father have developed such an idea?

Don't misunderstand.  Faith is not equal to want.  It is not whimsical nor wishful thinking.  We have that ability to want a gallery of desires which could have nothing to do with kingdom matters.  Faith is the lamp that lights our paths while we serve God..  Faith is the eyes of our heart (Eph. 1:18) that we might see what He is wanting and where He is taking us.

Faith isn't code-language exchanged among those who deem themselves as in.  However, it is a talk that speaks of possibility and hope at the very point where there is zero concrete evidence that such could come about.

Therefore, I encourage you to do more with your life today than gain the approval of others through your behavior.  Watch...watch for opportunities to inspire others by your believior.

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