Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Don't you think that we live in a most curious setting?  We are caught between two very strong forces that oppose one another...all within our own person.  The flesh (outer man) and spirit (inner man) duke it out day by day.  We are in a war that drains each of us.  No one is exempt from the flare-ups and the constant jabs.

Conflict?  Oh, I would say so...and we each know so.  The flesh eventually peaks with a surge toward downhill.  Correspondingly the spirit grows in realization as well as energy and confidence.  The spirit is full of creative imagination because it possesses the vigor of a kindergartner.  Yet, the flesh increasingly merely wants to lie down and rest...a lot.  Eventually it really will.

So what I want to cheer you on about today is that the thing that never changes is that each day is packed with the new.  According to the Spirit of God, who works within our spirits, we can gain momentum in scaling the walls of impossibility and conquering struggles that wish only to intimidate.

Faith, therefore, is the mighty muscle of the inner man.  We believe from the invisible a genuine reality that the flesh can't fathom.  This is why we must not be caught doing church from flesh's preference.  We are to worship; not just do church according to the way we like it.  We are to see in those the world would regard as losers wonderful fact of potency.  Believers believe...simple enough...to see where there is no physical sight nor explanation.

Wishful thinking?  No.  Millions in the world have and are operating by such a thin thread called magnificent faith.  This is where the secrets of God come into reality within the interior of we humans.  There is the Divine connection.  And when the connection takes place everything becomes new...and the new is what never changes.

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