Sunday, July 17, 2016


Nothing can shut us down.  Jesus calls us to watch his every move.  Never does he resist the absolute magnitude of living.  Insult?  No flinch.  Distress?  Had to face it. Persecution?  Used it to identify.  Death?  Made it his pulpit.

Nothing can shut us down, so don't spend a lot of time sighing nor in complaint.  God is going on with and in you...and me.  We have people to reach, hearts to console, and courage to give.  We've got work to do.  The world is broken.  Only those of us who have like-wise been injured (as was Jesus) can bring healing to a society that is perpetually in the hunt for a life that really works.

The assignment is full of two things; risk and reward.  Be highly encouraged.  You are in the mix of God's fantastic scheme of bringing hope to a discouraged world.

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