Wednesday, June 01, 2016


There was a catastrophe x-amount of years ago.  Its power shook the earth. Reverberation continues.  Mankind has been severely wounded.  Community has been essentially handicapped since Eden.

In that Garden Adam and Eve rebelled and the result was an eternal obsession with the self.  What did this brief moment cause?  An undeniable hiding from that day forth continues to the be dilemma known around the world.  Men and women hide in plain sight hoping to go unnoticed.  Seen, yet unseen, this has been the quest.  We want to be honored; but seldom do we wish to honor.

Granted, most everyone that we know has their hands full with schedules, with concerns, and with goals.  Our lives reflect the idea that we don't seem to have enough day in our hours.  The Hurry family lives next door to the Scurrys.  When the alarm goes off in early morn, the race is on.  And there is, indeed, a serious problem.

Everyone is seen in the crowd; but few are noticed.

It is at this juncture that we might study the crisis in order to develop a plan for community improvement.  One of the things that I dearly appreciate about Jesus is that even in a crowd he was sensitive; even to an unknown person whose touch stopped the parade.  Personal sensitivity to those around us is desperately needed in our day....each...and

Let us promote Other Awareness Day every day.  From Monday through Saturday, this would change the world.  On Sundays?  Oh if even the church people would loosen from fear of being seen and speak to the strangers, the guests, even the other members whom we dismiss as surely somebody in here knows them, we would change the world for the better.  Impact would be enormous!

Here's what I think I know.  Regardless of location on the social ladder, those on the top, those at the bottom, and all in the middle suffer from the Garden Collapse of early creation.  Personal uncertainty and fearful doubt reside in even the most outgoing and popular.  We can make a difference because (1) we know this about every person on our floor or street, and (2) we can change the world for the better by noticing these masses who are all around us in plain sight are deeply valuable and highly important.

May we go make a difference for someone who needs and encouraging word or a smiling greeting.  This will change someone's

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