Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Believing is a most fantastic element of one's life.  It isn't religious as some would like to think.  No, to believe is a life-long wonder; a conviction by anyone about anything. One may believe they should go to the doctor.  Confidence strengthens when we believe in that physician.  Another may believe that it's time to change the oil in the car when a neighbor may believe that such isn't the time for theirs.

To believe is that natural and routine element of one's simplest convictions regarding matters everywhere from paint color to clothing preference.  No one is without it. We've all got it.

We believe.  We believe especially in the realm of the spiritual.  We believe God is while others believe He isn't.  Both cannot be correct; but the belief system is at play in this zone.  What we think is (or is not) is elementarily key to our actions, our goals, and our eventual accomplishments.  Each of us must be aware that much of our exertion is applied toward things and events which have yet to happen.  This would be called faith.

Why would this be significant; useful?  We carry the power of faith to believe (1) in what others who are struggling can become, and (2) in this very process we believe that effective change can actually come about.  Think about some who hurt.  Consider their loneliness or their depression or their neglect.  By faith, we can envision possibility; an entirely new terrain for their walk.  Our words, then, align with our vision for them. Change comes about when words of encouragement and hope are produced and then reproduced.  Through the faith process life pops open!

We believe.  This changes the lives of so many who needed someone to believe that they could succeed, could arise, could make it.  We believe.  We believe in people when they don 't believe in themselves.  We believe.  We believe that God can create something from nothing; that He can make life happen in the very core of deadness.

Believing isn't just a Sunday School coloring book to keep a child occupied.  It is to tap into a wonder that changes; changes hearts, goals, convictions and the entire course of life.  Whether we believe and what we believe are so crucial because this invisible element, as it turns out, is a dynamic rudder which gives us direction of the Spirit of God.

When we believe, life happens!

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