Thursday, April 28, 2016


Where we are in life emotionally and spiritually is up to us.  It is not up (or caused) by another person.  Some people can make lemonade out of lemons while others have a knack of making a mess out of something wonderful.  Both are determined by thought patterns which eventually influence decisions.

I fought severe depression for years.  Uneasy about nearly all of my efforts, I was nervous.  Even if things were going well I was watchful for that other shoe to drop. Fearful of what others thought, I would never speak my mind.  What would be the negative consequences?  I was a child of God frozen so many times by things that never happened.

Therefore, I surely understand why so many living beneath the umbrella of faith do little more than chip in here and there; but seldom launch out into the unknown.  We. Are.  Afraid.  We.  Won't.  Get.  It.  Right.

True wonder comes about when we shifts gears and permit ourselves to think; think about possibility, of what could be, and positively of what if.  God is not tired.  He isn't even sleepy.  I cheer you on to quit rehearsing the things that aren't going right and calculate the numerous things that are.

When I say that our life is up to us, this must be considered in the context only of a decision.  Life is up to God.  It is up to us to choose Him.  It is up to us to believe Him. What we get to do (must do) is determine that God knows how to get us through this day when several obstacles want to assure there is no passage.

Some Israelites facing high waters once quite successfully followed a young pup named Moses into terroristic threat. And....they made it not having a clue what happened. They stepped and God did the parting as well as the drying of the track.

When you and I face problems that promise to drown us, refuse to buy in to them. Problems are daily.  But, provision to topple the problems are even dailyer!!  Yes....I did say that!!

Keep up your good thinking.  It pays off in inner peace which is sheer power of renewal.

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