Friday, April 29, 2016


I believe there would be one thing worse than the dread of dying.  That would be the dread of living.

How silly is my observation?  Or, how absurd to reach such conclusion one might inquire?  Yet, this is neither silly nor absurd.  This is, however, our practice of where we often walk.  I think that the most of us carry the dreads of living day by day...well possibly all of us.

Certainly I am not saying that no one ever likes the presence of right now moments for we surely do.  But just as certainly, I am saying that for all of the reasons that we would bow our necks at what, at first mention would seem to be an outrageous statement, is in reality where we walk about with far too much dread on our minds....while we are supposed to be living.

So I ask you, Is the abundant life that Jesus promises a personal experience in your skin?  Most likely amens are in the many category.  However, I'll ask in another way, Do you go through life overwhelmed that a true walk in Jesus is more exciting than a weekend trip to Disney World?  Again, I believe there a the many who could say absolutely.  My concern is for the other many who don't feel this way; many of whom aren't sure that such an emotion would/could be reality.

For those who struggle with liking right now, I wish to cheer you on; not to frustrate you.  Peace and joy are richly available.  Regardless of upset or potential fret, abundant life is available for the now for every person; there is no exception.  A transition to abundance just might occur when we watch our language.

Word(s) have always been God's creative tool.  Actions toward us do not define who we are.  Incoming words don't either.  Our out-going verbiage sets the tone and the stage for whether our days are good or bad.  What we talk about comes about.  It seems to be a rule.

Mary and I bought a house in Tulsa in 1987.  For twenty-four years we said everyday to the other, Don't you just love this house?  Five years ago we moved to another...and everyday we say to one another, Don't you just love this house?  It isn't a law or a routine to say so.  It just blurts out.  We just happen to be nuts about where God lets us live!

And that's how I feel about my family and my friends and my church and the privilege of getting to preach and being this age and still finding God more than when I met Him and on the list goes.  Are there reasons to be discouraged?  Oh, I get there.  I pass by there; but I refuse to unpack my baggage and stay overnight in that miserable dump-heap of a motel.

Nope.  I will fight back with a self-talk lecture which rehearses words of God and of colleagues who speak life into my very center.  The ego, my ego, has to go.  But the wonder of life gets to stay.

Watch our language.  Every slant, every take, is powerfully creative.  If you must say something, say something life!

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