Sunday, March 13, 2016


I don't know if you struggle with the very act of prayer.  As a minister, I fought it for years.  It was boring.  I didn't want to begin and, if I did, I hurried for it to end. Speaking words into the air only to evaporate quickly?  Well, I just had more meaningful things on my plate.

But He's converted me.

God is Father.  The Trinity isn't known as Military Commander, Son, and Holy Spirit. God is Father; compassionate, loving, and intensely interested.

It might help some to pray if you could regard prayer as visiting with Him rather than talking toward Him.  He wants to know us, walk with us, supply us.  God is after a relationship with His creation.

When you pray, tell Him things like how awesome He is and how thankful you are. Voice your opinions about Him to Him.  God treasures our praise.  After all, prayer isn't our sending our grocery list of needs upward without first expressing our thrill over the path He gives us; whether positive or negative.

When you pray....let God know how much of love Him.


Marilyn Tippett said...

I will tell Him more and more, thanks to you!

Kent Linda said...

Thank you, Terry. God is a loving Father. We will remember this today and we will SHARE THE LOVE!