Tuesday, March 15, 2016


To reach into this vast world with the power, grace, and love of Jesus has to be one of the most fascinating operations ever.  The call is eternal.   The value is the same.  Yet, I'm noticing a pattern that has long been with the Christian community which would call for corrective attention.

Churches of every brand are caught in a very strange territory.  Shifting from being hands and feet, arms and legs, hearing and speaking, as the body of Christ extends itself into all of the world in order to encourage and strengthen others, there is an increasing trend to be mainly ears.  These ears are big and are ever growing.

It has become very important that the members like the sermons.  If not, out-o'-here. This has been true of every kind of church as long as I've been a part of this system. Yet, the Bible is clear that in the last days people will seek to find messages that please their ears.  Now, I'm not currently in trouble for what I preach, so don't go there.  I am saying that near the top of the finding a church agenda reigns the question of "Do I like the sermons?"

Tied with this is the question of music.  Do we like it?  Do we enjoy it?  Do we get anything from it?

A more important question is whether God needs you there and does He possibly have some learning to endure in your future?  Church isn't about our preferences; but rather about where He intends to take us.  This will very much include the discipline of not getting our way.

To be clear I am quite fascinated, as well as most appreciative, by the depth of so many sacrificial members.  I am, too, saying that much of the American church thrives on seeing that the Ears are pleased.  If not, they will go somewhere else in order to be pleased.

What is to be done?  Learn to stick with the church.  Others have and are.  Our call is to love God and others.  This means that our ears are not the day's first consideration. Heartbreak of others is.  Loneliness of others is.  Fellowship, sensitivity of the Spirit, exercising understanding, using our ears to hear the weak voices of the distressed; these are our considerations.

We are the body of Christ.  We are transported throughout our brief time on earth to be ministering servants; not to be served.  If your church music is poor lift your voice while you bring in a neighbor or two who can carry a tune.  If your preacher is a poor communicator, buy him books and share inspiring CDs that would cheer him on.

We can make a difference in this limping world of ours.  So let's do it.  Let's motivate, and inspire, and above all things continue to love one another...when some of the time we might not seem very lovable ourselves.

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