Tuesday, March 22, 2016


We struggle to encounter the wild and untamed world of God.  Nothing but our will holds us back...or...moves us forward.  Preference for manageable, we tend to believe, suits us better.  Control...that's it...situations we can control make us feel...well...in control.  Would you think that perhaps God has a difficult time breaking into our pre-programmed, pre-packaged concepts of what faith is supposed to be?

From Genesis to Revelation for (by-the-way the Bible does matter) every reader arrives at testimonies of a the Living God standing with His created earthlings urging men and women to move; to move into the weirdly wonderful.  They were forever going out not knowing where they were going....and God calls us to be like them.

But ours tends to be a faith more manageable, don't you think?  Mine seems to lean that way.  I weigh lots of things; organizing, planning, arranging.  Yet, the walk of Terry doesn't seem to align with that of say Moses, or Deborah, or maybe Nehemiah.  I enjoy the seed of hope that does eventually sprout; yet I feel certain that God is in the wings waiting to do more for, with, and through me if I could mature in the very strange-to-the-flesh deed called faith.

God is the God of beyondness.  He not only demonstrates such; He expects us to believe it.  When Paul wrote that God is able to do exceedingly abundantly beyond anything we could ask or imagine, according to the power that works within us...Ephesians 3:20...he had a very new sort of walk on earth in mind.  We just must remind one another to remind one another that this God who parts seas and makes meals out of a boy's picnic lunch is willing to do the undoable and create what we would deem as uncreateable.

I want to do more than just acknowledge this power.  I want us to discover what it is God would do with me/us that is in the beyondness zone.  We are too prone to function from our own strength when He vows that He will do more...with us....according to the power that works within us.  I wish this for every person including myself.  I/we want to experience a life of meaning and purpose that is far beyondness the highest possibility.

Don't settle for your own ingenuity, prowess, and strength.  Let God, if we can dare, supply us with opportunity and talent that would accomplish the impossible.

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