Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Are we Christians making this stuff up?  Are we simply and honestly so afraid of death that we have created a mysterious folklore of new life in Heaven beyond the grave? Our critics believe so.  And, I think for almost good reason except for one factor; we have even better cause to believe this to be factual.

When it gets down to the nuts and bolts of faith that the dead will one day rise, it seems so very extreme that it can come off appearing as if we are creating the story to compensate for our fear of dying.  This is admittedly so outlandish that it could seem to some that we are only psyching ourselves up for the biggest of let-downs.

I do believe that life after death is reality.  Faith in a actual next life is a system of such astounding fact.  What's more impressive is that it follows the final of all finals; death. It would seem to the reasoning mind that death pretty much has the last say.  But it not only doesn't, death is actually a mere part of the life-affording process.

Take a look out your window.  Do you see any trees whose leaves died this past Fall? And then do you note that those months of bare limbs are roaring back with new leaves?  Take a gander at the flower beds.  Any bulbs planted that...that, oh shall we say aloud...died?  Died and then what?  Oh, raise again to a new beauty?

No one needs to be a scholar regarding the life-death-life functionality of reality.  It's all around us.  Furthermore....we expect it.

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