Tuesday, March 01, 2016


Jesus came to earth to experience what it would be like to be a human.  The Trinity would depend upon his report.  What would it be like to learn, to win, to lose, to forget, or to find matters of disappointment?  Jesus would find out.

Because he would encounter the entire earth-life range of birth to death, we find him well-equipped to give us hope.  But not only was his routine walk significant.  His blowing the lid off of the grave brought intent of informing all created ones of the most magnificent and outrageous possibility EVER!!

He walked in our shoes on purpose that we might know that He gets us; our victories and our defeats.  But more.  He showed us the way to lift up from the very strongest opponent; death.  He played by its rules (personal activity brought to an abrupt halt on the cross) in order to prove it to be sheer fake as one's death is not the end.

So how are troubles of value?  They each are poised to anticipate the surprises of God; every one of them.  Yes, we are human.  Yes, things go awry.  Yet, even the stressful and the interfering are no match for the imagination of God.

If He can melt death and remold it into life think of the license this give us to be of hope and joy.  His artwork is stunning.  Can He ever work with modeling clay!

What would you imagine He can do for you, with you, through you?  Our troubles are so difficult.  But it is very true, each one is an auditorium stage promoting the outrageous, unimaginable skill-set of the Living God.

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