Sunday, February 28, 2016


There is much chatter regarding the current political debates.  I love it.  I'm blessed by the evenings where Hillary vs. Bernie or Ben, Marco, Donald, Ted, and John take the stage and present their cases.  The variables and the variations are striking as well as informative.

One of the notable matters that I see in these assemblies is how parts of it reflect churches.  This would explain a portion of why I have interest in such presentations.

While each party and each group within their party carries on a dialogue, there is a clear, selfish, presentation that often arises which causes a strong dis-ease among many of the expectant voters.  This dis-ease channels quickly and vocally through the mass media.  Concerns have a very broad range and scope.  To listen to several of the voices issuing judgment, they've about had it with the public disharmony being exemplified.

So I wish to convey something in a spirit of compassion as well as respect.  Do we, as ones who promote the church, not get it that if we behave in like manner that the world grows sick of us?  Do we not understand that the masses would love to find a group who cares, who lives, who loves their neighbor more than their pet church stances?  Have we gone blind to ourselves?  Do we not get it that our debates with other brands of churches and then within our own congregations hover as a dark spirit-stifling plague upon this earth?

What's the cure?  It won't be hatred.  Neither will it be spite.  Arrogance won't work (I've tried it).  Raising our voices goes nowhere (I tried that one as well).

From my perspective, of which I realize is only one among the valuable masses with other viewpoints, we simply must awaken to the fact that we are not all alike and that some of our views are not necessarily dispensed from heaven.  We are shamefully in great error when we gather as a congregation to discuss with firm implication that if everyone would be like us, this place would be much better off.

Today will be packed with church attendance.  Some will do so to bring glory and honor to God and to our partners in faith.  Others will participate as if sleep-sitting; going through the ritualistic motions while carrying an invisible checklist of whether both the worship and the Word were done right.  For these, completion means a courteous handshake at the door and off to lunch we go.

As a young man I had no intention of being involved in the church scene for the above reasons.  And truthfully today the blanketing of stale churchainity is robust.  But there's more.  It is upon this very scene of which Jesus was called to break open.  He did....intentionally....effectively....but not without dying.

We have much wonderful work ahead of us.  We (not they) are challenged to take personal inventory.  Are we maturing in the style of Jesus or are we in this simply for the repetitive preferences it brings?  God exhorts all to join His family.  Everyone is welcome.  We will always do a good job of inviting and including if we can keep from assuming that my way is the best (and the only) way to please God.

Yes, Jesus calls us to stances and positions.  I want to be in on the accuracy of them. One of the main ones is that we conclude that our own righteousness is repulsive.  To begin be a huge blessing if we maintain our focus.  That log in our own eye has no business trying to deflect the speck in a brother's....Mt. 7:1-5.  Remove first the log...and be of use in the Kingdom.

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