Sunday, January 10, 2016


Regardless of circumstance, there are matters of each moment that can be observed with favor.  Let's face it.  Bad things happen.  They seem set on it.  So it isn't a question of whether they will or won't.  The question is whether we will decide to manage these offences to where they are productive.

It is always a decision.

We are never hand-cuffed.  Hurt?  At times.  Highly offended?  Well, yes.  Devastated? On occasion.  Advantaged?  Every time.

When we give our lives over to Jesus to take us places, two things must dominate; our love for God and for others.  The only part we see of ourselves in this picture is outward direction.  When we are set on loving God and intensely being attentive to the needs of others, we are finally and perfectly lost in the grandest scheme of life.

Why we should like right now is that regardless of ups or downs, these moments are consistently about God and about others.  Whether winning the lottery or losing a friend, both settings are rich in building others up, making their day, and celebrating the reality of God included/involved in our moves.  Otherwise, church is hollow.

Why you should like right now is that it is brimmed-full, jamb-packed meaningful. That we be encouraged or discouraged is never the main point.  That God and others be given our attention are the two things which bring the oddest, and yet most celebrated, meaning.

And, truthfully, there are a lot of frightened, hungry, forgotten souls who would trade one of their days for one of yours.  Therefore, live.  Don't kinda live.  Don't sorta live. Don't moodily live.

Live like one of your best moments!!
(And how about that!  Spellcheck just okayed moodily!)

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