Monday, January 11, 2016


I think that what I'm about to tell you surely has to be one of the stranger oddities of the life system.  It would seem that across the board real life experiences a consistent losing of ground.  Opportunities of possibility will always overwhelm as we are such creatures of crawl when it comes to new ideas.

Note I didn't yet use that one word which is regarded by some as a swear word; change.

Could it be that it is a pattern of being alive that we are losing ground?  Consider science.  The more one discovers the more one finds there is yet to be discovered. While gaining a bit of knowledge discovery finds that we just got a bit more behind.

So it is in the spiritual (known as the religious) world.  The learning of one word's original meaning may shift or alter twenty-five other assumed truths to this point. God is so vastly immeasurable that, just as in science, every time one turns a corner to grasp something new of Him it seems the unknown just expanded.  And, it must.

So whether physical or spiritual, whether visible or invisible, discovery of one detail may offer clarity for one itch while, simultaneously, a whole new world of rash breaks out.

Here's what I want you to ponder.  Do you realize that while we are losing ground we are actually gaining momentum?  As we enter breakthrough moments, we are likely to be found quite inspired in imagination as to what yet can be uncovered.  And when we do break through we will most likely be faced with more (not less) unanswered questions.

We can take the factual losing of ground as negative if we so choose.  But why not take the very same thing as a charge to the wow and the wonder and the awe of what yet can/could/may possibly be.  Lose ground and become stuck?  Or, lose ground and be enthused at what else can me known?

 It's a choice...that we...get to make.

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