Thursday, December 10, 2015


Parables are windows Jesus has built so that we humans can peer into God's Truth. Otherwise, the Divine commentary would be staggering to the human mind.  God is so immeasurably much in size and reach and glory that something had to be done to put the two of us on the same page; Him/us.

One of the most fascinating moves of God, to me, is that He was originally such a great distance from His created ones in matters of relationship.  He is God and we are not.  Yet, He chose to do something about it; that perfect something.

God didn't first speak in a parable.  He spoke in Baby.  Baby became the parable so far as giving simple humanity a peg (a real live-among-us person) of understanding to grasp.  Jesus experienced the entire course of earthling; from birth to death.

Up to this point in history, God had largely been a set of rules to be followed.  At the birth of Jesus a magnificent twist took place.  He moved from chiseled rules to humble human.  World!  Meet Baby!

Baby then became a Man and spoke in parables; more baby/simple stories that the human mind could better perceive.  Visuals of trees that had no fruit.  There was a rich man in one story beside a poor one.  Oh, too, there was a real religious guy and a sinner in church together.

A housewife couldn't find a coin, a farmer couldn't locate a sheep, and a father couldn't get his boys to cooperate with one another.

Parables.  Stories.  Tangibility by word-form provided pictures of life in utter simplicity so that the human mind can be led to God's fascinating and eternal Truth.

Jesus spoke in parables and through glorious stories because the overarching dimensions of God's love are hardly containable.  Who can fathom His reach, His grace, His mercy?

Simplified stories provide the human heart with illustrations which help us say....Oh, I'm beginning to get the picture.

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