Friday, December 11, 2015


Misunderstanding regarding religion is so galore that I hardly know, myself, what it is that I don't get!  There has to be, and I concretely believe there is, more to the concept of believing in God than what I/some-of-us are putting forth.

Faith is more than a church nicety.  Is is more than a step in a salvation plan.  It is a daring way of life for earthlings as we carry on a working agreement with Father.  Faith may be many things; but it is not a neutral and vague concept of dull religious rote.

Faith is the working dynamic between Father and child.

  • Faith is convinced that Father can cause dead things to live and He, too, can calls things into being that don't yet exist...Romans 4:17.
  • Faith is a clear certainty that what is hoped for is on its way while, simultaneously, believing that the workings of God of which we can't see are factual....Hebrews 11:1.
There is a next-step gravely needed in our conversion process.  Churches.  Churches are to be the body of Christ moving about with anticipation, energy, and effectiveness. Yet, there seems to be another slant to this (non)movement where church inhabitors have developed an attitude that it is a place to roost on the pew convinced we have put in our Christian time.

Church houses are not to be storage sheds where members roost and rust over time. Rather they are to be fuel bins supplying this vast world with a new kind of energy that gives off life to dead circumstances.  A new kind of robust hope is to arise across this land because Christian warehouses are to be converted into launching pads where once dull believing is being transposed into brilliant dynamics of light.

What's wrong with this world is not first political bossy pants nor intrusive terrorists. No, the crucial issue before us is that the light which God intended to bless the entire scope of humanity has been hidden under a bushel called the church.

Of the many things we are called to be, it was never to become a place to hide in routine, boring, and traditional church services.  The next step for Christianity will be to trim the wick and allow the light to beam brightly into the dark corners of society.

We can do this because He can do this through us.

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