Monday, December 14, 2015


There is so much need among us.  People hurt in such varying ways.  We can help somewhat; we get to assist.  I encourage you to watch for God's leading rather than finding a place where you can serve with a guise of convenience.

Larry Crabb, in his terrific book CONNECTING, spells out a powerful idea.  We prefer instructions on what to do over an invitation to connect our hearts with his and then do whatever he reveals.

It is this factor, or lack thereof, which is embedded within traditional churches.  Struggle is constant.  Just tell us what to do and we'll do it.  We tend to call this a servant's heart when in reality it may possibly be based within hearts which do not pray, do not want to pray, do not wish to find His lead.  

Basically or fundamentally, we want a lazy way out.  Tell me where to deliver the food can override the seeking of God through study and prayer as to who it is that needs to be fed. In these cases we are not in need of God as much as a program director.

I'm not against good deeds.  I do a few myself.  My charge is for us to gravitate toward seeking His leadership and direction which might be a bit different from our fleshly preferences.  Sometimes His calls are threatening; at least intimidating.  

If so, we want to grow in sensing His voice in these matters.

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Linda Dickerson said...

Agreed…we are currently studying about the "Philanthropy" of God in our School of the Martyrs.

We pour out to others all we receive from God and only what we receive from God.

We hear the Word and then do the Word. And we do only the Word…otherwise we are only giving others human wisdom & love versus God's wisdom and love.