Sunday, December 13, 2015


I'm not saying that we do not face intense concerns.  Neither do I deny them.  Yet I do wish to address wasted focus which falls upon the nervous and the worried; those who conjure fretful matters before they ever arise.

We do not control our days.  No one does.  What I found myself doing to my own life was wasting it by fearful imagination of what might go wrong.  On my bad days, I worried.  On my good days I worried that they would go bad.

The result?  I was never satisfied because I couldn't get happy.

God reverses this dismal trek.  God puts hope into scenarios in the most fascinating of terms.  He delivers.  Truly, God is all about delivering His people.

Trapped by an overflowing sea, God parted the waters to provide His nation escape. Not enough food for the 4000 and then, later, the 5000?  God dealt with it and society is still raving about the historical detail.  The Son of God lay dead in a grave and then...and then the greatest lift in history.

So get this.  Our moment of being trapped or found to be lacking or experiencing dead situations are all temporary due to God's touch.  All are temporary.  Sometimes things get perplexing simply to get us to pay attention to the fact that God really does run this show called LIFE!

Maybe....since God is still active...we could relax just a bit.

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