Friday, November 20, 2015


Seriously, what could we possibly do to see that our society gains momentum in the most positive ways?  Some could care less; whatever is to be is to be.  Others of us, though, continue with our addiction to rescue, to build, and to improve.

We.  Love.  It.

I would ponder the following possibilities:
  1. We restore or re-ignite personal confidence that God uses each of us to make impact.  We are not born of the Spirit in neutral or without mission.
  2. We lay down our confidence that we have a clue.  The Holy Spirit has the clue.  We have His call.
  3. We reclaim our joy that God is doing things productively with billions of us; none of us are in this encounter alone.
  4. We resist the temptation to live in the kingdom as if we are stuck.  
  5. We will not stop learning.  
  6. We will not stop trying.  
  7. We will not conclude that we can't reach to others because "It's just not me."  It is His follower...who learns to follow.  None of us knew anything about anything...without learning...and even failing and falling...repeatedly off of the ministry bicycle.
How do we improve the world we live in?  We press against the temptation to resist change.  We not only awaken to potential; we hunger to know what might be needed next to bring a new kind of hope to a desperate and muddled community.  New depths of energy should/could/would flow from the Spirit of God within....each....of us!

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