Tuesday, November 17, 2015


There is every reason to breathe deeply with a joy of contagious outbreak.  We can light up the world; well, we are supposed to do so anyway.  So how do we be a light when the World News speaks of destruction, decay, and even death?

I know of no one that relishes stress and the supremacy of any bad day.  No one likes it. No one wants it.  No one prefers it.  However, everyone can find blessings from God within the center of these awful, ugly, very mean days.  Like what?

Sue Monk Kidd writes, Without such upheaval we would likely go on as always. It's so like us to deny things until some jolting moment--something we call and "eye-opening" experience--comes along and sharpens our vision.  And then she continues with a quote of Alan Jones, There is a self within each one of us aching to be born.

So, for you and me, as we take note of the latest disasters, may we also beware of the inner blessings of upheaval.  Something goes on in these very conflicting moments that is very likely going to find a new and improved self being born.

I received a note from an author/actress a few days ago speaking of being repeatedly raped and abused.  She has two sons; both in prison.  It is the same story for her husband.  And do you know what she wants to tell me?  She has a prison ministry, an addiction ministry, and a recovery ministry.  Simultaneously she keeps learning about the dynamics of God.

This is us.  This IS us.

Our world is in constant disarray.  We don't need ISIS to strike to remind us.  We hurt. We suffer.  We fret.  We pay the price for others' mistakes....or our own....or both. But be encouraged.

Be.  Encouraged.

This is why we lean upon God.  We can't do this life without Him.  We must have something about us that would lift us above these dumpster moments.  And we possess Him...in Holy Spirit form.

Enjoy.  Enjoy either the victory that has been gained....or else the victory that is surely on its way!

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