Thursday, October 22, 2015


It's just too weird.  As much as man has available from today's land of the living, we seem bent on perpetuating the same ol' same ol'.  We have a chronic disability because religion insists on being fixated on the past.  This is debilitating.

In my segment of the spiritual world we are quite familiar with the term Restoration Movement.  When introduced to this concept, I found it to be delightfully authentic; even genius.  Yet, the movement bit itself when it became the goal; not Jesus.

Emphasis for the past several decades has been to restore the Restoration Movement; not the church.  From this mistake, we have lost our way.

Being fixated on the past demands that focus be given to what worked back then.  If one wants to go all of the way back to the Word, that's the way to go.  When this happens there will be a constant thread for the Word of God lives and is very active.

The constant?  Change.  New.  Creative.  Spirit.

Four things that we who are steeped in the Restoration Movement tend to detest.  If we set out to restore the truths of the Bible, we are on solid footing.  However, if we are bent on mimicking what the church did in the 60s and 70s, we have bailed on the advancing call of the Word.

Our fixation is to be neither past nor future.  It is to be in the Spirit of the moment.  He will teach us what we need to believe, guide us toward fruitful direction, and lead us into gigantic discovery of what has so far remained unknown.

May we always be learning, growing, and forever new.

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