Saturday, August 22, 2015


An old song of a half a century ago was worded something like, You gotta have heart...miles and miles and miles of heart.  As it turns out this idea of having heart is indispensably ultra-necessary.  We've just got to have heart.

Wars are won and lost on the turf of hearts; either believing or unbelieving.  Naysayers with obviously weak hearts pick at the successes of the brave hearts offering excuses as to why it worked for THEM; but not for ME.  From the heart one believes...or chooses not to.

There is power in a believing heart.  For one, if matters are stressful at the moment, there remains a perpetual confidence that wonder will definitely break in.  The believing heart....believes.  It has a faith that what isn't yet can be; what looks bad is pregnant with good possibilities.

The power of a believing heart is invisible, available, and certain.  Unbelievers only have good days on the good days.  Believers see all days, even with their ups and downs,as filled with potential.

The power of the believing heart always has hope.  We have permission to readily and easily accept the promise of what can be due to the startling resurrection of Jesus.  He calls us to enter into the most power-packed, power-backed wonder of the living fabulous lives embedded within his resurrection power.

Believe it.  It is quite true.  Our hearts carry explosive life which causes others to want to believe as well.

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