Sunday, August 23, 2015


We live in a perpetual zone of misunderstanding.  We seem to be reflective of others' weak spots; their negativity, their lack, their sins.  Simultaneously, we seem to be deflective of our own.  II Corinthians 10:12 assures us that when we live comparing ourselves by ourselves (and we usually come out on top doing so) that we are simply without understanding.

Our big mistake is that even if we do dare take the log out of our own eye, we still believe that a log is in theirs.  It's one thing for us to admit the crisis (log) of our quint-eyed judgment.  But to believe their sins are merely specks?  We, basically, won't stand for it.

Our big mistake is that we quickly see the futility of the lousy others.  Our bigger solution is to give absolute concentration upon our own.  At this very point the solution--the bigger solution--is that we admittedly have to drop the stones of which we were just about ready to toss at another (sinner) in anger.

The bigger solution is to back down to our narrow-minded criticism of others (while very likely they, too, are sinful) as we have bigger fish to fry over contemplation of our own sin.

The Cross remains the standard.  It has a clear message.  None were exempt.  Jesus paid for our sins; not just theirs.  That's why Jesus is the bigger solution to our mistakes.

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