Wednesday, August 26, 2015


There is much going right with this world.  Too, the opposite is paramount in places. Right?

Concerns press.  Interruptions...interrupt.  It seems that darkness looms on various fronts.  And we want to see life really live.  So does God.

A distinctive move to sort through the gigantic mood maze will seem to always begin at home.  By home, I mean with self.

Changes would seem to bolster.  Improvements...would improve.  Yet, individually we have a steady knack of believing such should and would first be found in other people or other circumstances.  Not necessarily.  It is a toughy to begin our long list of wishful corrections with self.

We are in need of steady reproving and correcting.  As age factors in, we are found to still be in need of profound adjustments.  It is never ending.  Furthermore, it is exhausting. exhausting.

One of the last places we tend to look for making life better is that heart to heart talk with self about self.  We are so biased in our favor, aren't we?

Maybe days would be better served if we could truly develop a faith that understands the log of foremost concern is the one which habitates in our own eye.

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