Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Do not succumb to discouraging people or moments.  Jesus obliterated the deepest, widest, highest, and farthest threat; death.  He crushed it, smashed it, broke it.  All other stresses are but momentary interruptions as well.

You were created by the Living God for more than barely getting by.  Thoughts of agony do not belong to you.  Therefore, do not give them a home.

Rise up and live.  If you have never been baptized into Jesus, consider it for this is the picture of starting life over; born again is how I remember Jesus wording it.

Maintain your push back against the threads of thought that perpetually stab and jab at the heart.  Push back.  The day-ruiners don't belong to you.,  They merely serve you.

Believe it...because you believe Him.

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