Tuesday, July 28, 2015


We have great need today.  It's always been this way.  That's why we like discovery. There remains a thirst for breakthrough.  And, often we experience it.  Such reports are exhilarating.  And we want more.

James Pollard Espy was eighteen years old.  Still unable to read or write at such an age, he was for some reason wowed when hearing the orator Henry Clay.  After the talk, Espy tried to make his way to his idol.  The crowds hindered.  A friend yelled across the crowd for Espy, He wants to be like you, even though he can't read.

Mr. Clay grabbed one of his posters which had CLAY in large letters.  You see that boy?  That's an A.  Now, you've only got twenty-five more letters to go.  Within a year, he started college and later became a great pioneer of meteorology.

This is not only the kind of story that we love; it is reality.

This is where we live.  What can be?  Adventure can be.  Learning can be.  Opportunity can be.  Success can be.  Overcoming failure can be.  Overcoming disappointment can be.  Starting life over can be.

The past, regardless of pros or cons, advantages us in both the present and the future. We are not like Rocky Balboa in his series of movies where the opponent couldn't put him away.  We are more.  We are like Jesus (from cross to grave to resurrection); you can put us away...but we will be back.

That, my friend, is what can be.  With God, all things are possible...Luke 1:37.

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