Wednesday, July 29, 2015


We huff and we puff.  We sigh and we moan.  So much to do.  So much ground to cover. On top of that there's God.  He wants us to be on the move it seems.

We each are called to GO into all of the world.  Where exactly would that mean? Singapore?  London.  West Africa?

The call of God can become so easily dismissed because our going basically is in America and, more fundamentally, within a hundred mile radius.  Somehow the church GO has felt like a foreign territory of sorts.  Yet, it isn't limited to such.

What is one of the elements of our lives where we hear a bit of sighing; even complaint?  Listen to us.  I am so tired.  It seems like I am always on the go.  Always? On the GO?  Yes.  Always on the go.  Do you think that if we could transform our way of life already into His call for our lives missionally that we might be striking at a strong spiritual chord of need and opportunity?

Since we are on the go, we are to use such travels for the glory of God.  How could/would this look?
Here are possibilities:
  1. Through prayer
  2. Through invitation
  3. Through interest
  4. Through natural connections (work/family/recreation)
  5. Through study
  6. Through counseling
  7. Through community projects
  8. Through checking on the ill
  9. Through surprising with a plate of cookies
  10. Through inquiry as to how their day is going
  11. Through media encouragement
  12. Through noticing people everywhere we turn need support
Here are the opportunities:
  1. Kitchen tables
  2. Company picnics
  3. Sports events
  4. Doctor's office waiting rooms
  5. Car tags waiting rooms
  6. Hospital visits
  7. Praying for a neighbor
  8. Meeting waiters and waitresses
  9. Attending school events
  10. Donating to causes when the doorbell rings by seeing a wonderful person looking at you
  11. Seeing people everywhere you turn; believing that one day they will want to know God.
  12. Observing high-profile and public servants as to how they must be drained and need a lift.
Not surprisingly, GO is an outward direction.  If we could move the church outward, we would cure many of the churches inward ailments.  People are not happy when they (1) are not productive, and when they (2) are focused inwardly.  The reverse brings satisfaction and joy.  And...God is certainly for the latter two.

Try not to waste your ALWAYS ON THE GO.  Such is a significant kingdom matter.

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