Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Do you ever feel just about yo-yoed out?

I mean do you ever get weary of feeling at times that you are better than others while, simultaneously, feeling worse than others day in and day out?


Words come at us and cause us to soar or to be sore.  This upsy/downsy routine keeps one astir.  Fluctuating between what feels like good days and bad days, we find the oddest of scenarios.  For one, our downer days can still offer assurance that hope is around the corner.  Too, on our upper days, the uneasiness that pins might puncture our balloons seem to always be lurking.

How shall we approach such moody extremes?  Is there a solution?

Jesus is our righteousness.

Jesus is who makes any person right in the sight of God.  We don't have such a capacity.  We are devastated, weak, and a mess.  There is one hope that we would be enough.  Jesus is that hope.

He took our sins (past, present, future) on at the Cross.  He hit them head on.  He was neither vague nor passive.  As nails held him tightly, he nailed our deepest need; the Yuck of us was absorbed into his shell, his soul.  Darkness was so thick that it blocked out the sun in mid-afternoon.

Will we ever get it through our thin heads that we are okay in the sight of God due to how un-okay  Jesus became (taking our place) on that hill?  Will we ever dismantle our egos so that we can admit we need a Savior?  And will we ever escape our depression because those same egos take such big hits from our obsessive failings?


We will.

Because....we believe Jesus did what we cannot do from our very best efforts.  He gave us his "good enough"...II Corinthians 5:21.

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