Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Breaking news reported yesterday that the FBI is investigating the St. Louis Cardinals for violations of hacking the Internet systems of the Houston Astros.  Long on questions and short on answers, the baseball world is in a coffee-shop clamor this morning.  Pros and cons are offered with a bit of dependency as to which team is your team.

Could it be?  Are such allegations warranted?  Time will tell.

For now we can know that it is no time for the birds to fly off of the bat handle.  One would trust that the FBI does not toy with menial disturbances.  Likely a breach is believed serious enough to demand thorough investigation.  The next few weeks will tell if this story has merit.

This looks so much like church.  Many are mere fans as long as the church is winning. Let there be disruption and some will be quick to shift allegiance to another congregation.  What I like about it, admire about it, is that I have found church not to be about smooth sailing as much as it is meaningfully about walking atop the rough seas as the winds of threat gain force.

Who doesn't prefer trouble-less life?  Who has such?  Name me one.

Life is full of ups and downs.  True, Jesus extended his hand toward Peter who had successfully negotiated walking on water for just a few moments.  Too, He lives to pull us from the depths of our ultimate and sinking failures.

So the breaking news in the baseball world today is the chatter of many including several who aren't sports fans.  It's serious.  It could be devastating.  But in the midst of this I would join the voices of faith who believe that even in the treacherous times it is such a moment as this where one can believe the best in people and determine to stand beside those who may be in their worst of moments.

If innocent, apology will need to be offered by those who jumped to very vocal and judgmental conclusions.  If guilty, we will extend our hands in supportive rescue because we love people over performance.

At the end of the game, because of the drastic nature of our powerful God, blessings will arise from the ashes of suspicion...or even guilt.  Due to the Cross....victory targets us.

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