Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I am highly sympathetic to any individual who wonders if this stuff  about a real and living God is true.  How are we to know?  I've been in that position.  Truly, I'm glad I struggled because I know many of the inner workings of some who might be pondering His reality.

So much understandably intimidates us.

What does it mean to know God?  Can a plain person really know Him?  Will it make me turn weird like the grumpy lady down the street who never misses a Sunday; but gripes at her neighbors constantly?  Will my good friends who don't like church now rail against me in the mockery we together have dished out about others?

Be encouraged to set aside the distractions to knowing God.  Begin by reading Matthew or John.  Just read it.  The Bible will speak to your heart.  You just patiently read it.

Tell God you want to know whether this stuff is legit.  He will create the oddest and most wonderful scenarios to open your heart.  He is not out to get us.  He is out to get us.

What?  God is not out to get us like kill us.  He is out to get us...like claim us as His children.

More than eventually dying and going to heaven, life from above is intended for our right-now day by day walk.  I love that!  I love it that life in Jesus is more than hoping this life-after-death stuff is true.  It's the life-during-living things that also impact us.

I propose that God wants to be an intricate part of your life/my life.  We sometimes allow distractions to turn us into critics of the religious rather than seriously focus on the greatest walk on earth; knowing God.

Anybody can find Him, know Him, love Him.  No one is too ignorant, too backward, or too sinful. God is so crazy about everyone that He sent His lone son to the Cross.  Jesus paid a huge debt.  He did it for everyone.

Please, if you are hesitant about thinking toward God things, would you consider making an adjustment?  I never would have guessed church would be for me.  I had baseball to play; work to do.  But He broke in.

I'm nuts about ministry.  The thing that helped me turn the corner was when I found that God cared about discouraged, lonely, and hurting people, I could not/still cannot get enough.  If you would be still a moment and reevaluate your role in life, it just might be true that God is calling you simply to believe Him forevermore.

God is not out to get us.  He is out to get us.

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