Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Men and women are born into amazing life.  Wonder.  Encouragement.  Opportunity. The array is vast as to what can and will be encountered.  And certainly it must also be acknowledged that great stress visits every individual...repeatedly.

If you are having a good day, congratulations.  Continue on.  If you are having one of those days, I ask what you might think the root cause.  Has it occurred to you that it is always because the flesh wants to do battle with the spirit....and we are comprised of both?

The flesh will eventually wither.  Mirrors affirm such.  If not mirrors, then certainly aches and pains.  Ultimately, the flesh succumbs to the boss of time.

It is the spirit that is eternal.  Yet, the flesh selfishly bids for all of the attention; its needs, its pleasures, its dreams.  There is incredible contest ongoing for the flesh does not want us to be spirit-ual.

I would simply encourage you to pay attention to your spirit.  We feed the flesh regularly; even tossing it treats between meals.  The spirit?  Some live as if this major part of themselves needs no understanding nor attention.  This is where depression escalates and it is not the flesh that gets down; but our spirit.

There is a great contest for our spirit-ual lives.  I ask you to be attentive...to yourself. Do not live as if you are all flesh because you aren't even mostly flesh.  Your drive, your joy factors, your enthusiasm, and your attitudes?  All spirit-ual.

Feed the spirit by being attentive to the God who disciplines and grooms us to live beyond the limitations of the flesh.

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