Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Addiction is a cultural beast...for every culture.  Its ruin is strewn across the multifaceted landscape of humanity.  Yet, lest one begin to entertain the idea that God has no effective counter, I beg you to think again.  

Addictions bound by earth have met their Conqueror.  He is God.  Surely we remember the devil's approach is to counterfeit God's style.  Knowing he has done so in this scenario should give us pause to reclaim the healthy addictions God always desired for us.

Morgan Bennett's post, The New Narcotic, reveals the expanding pathway regarding addictive behavior.  

       Think of the brain as a forest where trails are worn down 
       by hikers who walk along the same path over and over again, 
       day after day. The exposure to pornographic images creates 
       similar neural pathways that, over time, become more and 
       more “well-paved” as they are repeatedly traveled with each 
       exposure to pornography. Those neurological pathways 
       eventually become the trail in the brain’s forest by which 
       sexual interactions are routed. Thus, a pornography user has   
      “unknowingly created a neurological circuit” that makes his or 
       her default perspective toward sexual matters ruled by the 
       norms and expectations of pornography.

Addictions take residence in the brain.  God would be fully aware of this truth.  Therefore, it should not surprise us to find He is absolute about where He wants our minds to trek.  The Phillipians 4:8 verse gives admonition to healthy brain patterns, think about the excellent, the lovely, the worthy of praise, etc.  Each of these thought processes is addictive.

Once one begins to pray, prayer becomes a deeper need as the trail is worn down by the hiker; just as Bennett points to the dark addictions.  As one ponders the goodness in others, she sees more people with more goodness; addiction to wonder and beauty.  

This is the truth of additions as I see it thus far; the more you are drawn to anything habitually, and you like it, the more you want it.  To conquer a bad want to is not to focus on refrain only, but to engage in a healthy want to.

The more one gives praise to God and people the more the pathway is expanded in the heart and mind.  Praise and honor begins to gush for we have become addicted to the holy and righteous walk of God.

Proverbs 23:7 is a masterful nugget; for as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

We must give a good look at the addiction processes for there are not only answers; there are breakthrough solutions.  One's thinking mechanism can, should, and will be adjusted in transition from bad addiction to good.  

It is possible.  Whether alcohol, pornography, gossip, or spending, all addictions have been defeated in One known as Jesus....really.  Even the Addiction Dilemma has a Yes.  It is called the Addiction Solution!!!

Let your mind dwell on the things of Life and you will find an entirely new world buried within the very center of your own heart.

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