Tuesday, September 03, 2013


Oh to be like him....we often sang.

Uh, I don't know that for sure about me...about us.  To be like him from our phraseology tends to run up beside handy and useful as if we are on an early morning jog.  To be like Jesus must become more of a walk along Calvary's path.

Ministry is a contest.  It isn't a matter of winning; but a matter of finishing...who will finish?

Suffering and struggle are to be dominant.  Joy and celebration are to be worshipfully engaging as well.  To be like him, oh to be like him, will always be a new way for a new day.

Let's look at Jesus again:

  1. He began ministry quite lonely in the woods to fast and pray.
  2. He was targeted by the legalists.
  3. He was intentionally trapped by the opposition.
  4. He was disrespected.
  5. He was doubted.
  6. He was despised.
  7. He was rejected.
  8. He was betrayed.
  9. He was misrepresented.
  10. He was often alone.
  11. His colleagues didn't understand him.
  12. He was publicly challenged, beaten, and executed.
  13. One of the twelve turned him in.
  14. The remaining ones scattered at his death bewildered and stumped....and disappointed.
Jesus didn't seem to be the Rock Star I wished to be when entering ministry.  Yet, I will encourage the young just getting started....hang in there and let the tar be beaten out of you....and you will love ministry!  

Rock Stars we are not called to be.  

Following the Rock?  Absolutely!

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