Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Wait is a dirty four-letter word to the driven, the ambitious, and the assumed wise.  Yet, within those four small letters is a gigantic secret code of God.  W-a-i-t.  

Wait has patience and joy and endurance embedded within.  Oddly, it seems ambidextrous.  We can tend to expect others to wait patiently for us; yet, we likely grow frustrated at the time lapsing while we await with expectation for another to change.

Wait is often mistaken as in conflict with want.  Yet, the lack of waiting is very often the undermining deterrent to getting what we seek.

When we deeply desire that people and circumstances change (in order to be more pleasing to us) without the nature of God's patience, ruin is usually prowling the path.  We simply give up on our own blessings because, somehow in this twisted universe, cutting people off and out seems to give our egos some sort of weird control boost.

Isaiah reminds us when we are tired and weary, Yet those who wait for the Lord will find new strength. This isn't hope-so-ism.  It is a promise of God.  Marriages, vocations, and other general life situations have bit the premature dust all because one could not/would not wait for God to do His stuff.

Waiting is the name of life's game.  Nothing will offer better insight than God's promise to deliver.  Sadly, frustration has replaced faith and spite seems to have overridden love.  The good news is that these can be and should be reversed.  It isn't a matter of anyone else's cooperation.

Waiting is between God and you.  There are no other players.

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